Pre-Fabrication Capabilities Overview

At the John F. Gallagher Co. , we've always been focused on leveraging the most advanced technology and processes available. Pre-fabrication is an example of one of the ways that this drive has manifested itself. Throughout the last decade, BIM and coordination services have become increasingly critical to the success of any construction project. And we've been right there developing these skills at the forefront of the industry. As our in house BIM capability became more and more refined, we also began developing an in house pre-fabrication facility to complement these skills. Competition in the construction industry is constantly evolving; as such building / maintaining a state of the art prefabrication facility is becoming an absolute necessity. Here's some of the advantages that our customer's can expect to benefit from when working with the Gallagher Co. due to the fact that we've developed state of the art BIM  and pre-fabrication capability:
  • Weather is taken out of the equation and therefore has no impact on job productivity
  • Everything needed to complete a job is in an easily accessible, controlled environment
  • Field material orders are significantly reduced, as is the associated waste
  • Reduced interaction with other trades means reduced down time in the field
  • Automation machinery in the shop allows cuts, welds, and soldered joints to be completed much more quickly and efficiently
  • Sub components can be tested and validated before being shipped out to the field
  • A huge scheduling benefit exists, as more employees can work on a job in a pre-fabrication environment than they can at a job site--therefore we can stay ahead of the schedule and be sure that we always ship on time
  • All of the above contributes to a significantly safer and more secure work environment for our employees
Pre-Fabrication Capabilities Overview